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Sigma Plus Box

Sigma Plus Box
Sigma Plus Box
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Sigma Plus Box allows you to service the latest HiSilicon, MTK, Qualcomm, Unisoc, and TI OMAP phones.
This is an all-in-one solution that requires annual payment. Once you bought it, you receive full access to the complete list of supported models and features, not divided into separate packs or by brands.
After the initial activation of the new box/dongle, you gain access to service operations for 1 year.
After your activation period expires, you must prolong your access using 6-month / 12-month activation.

Key Features
Multi-brand and multi-platform tool.
Remove FRP, Huawei ID, and other locks.
Flash and Backup
Repair IMEI
Direct Unlock and Unlock Code Calculation.
Complete range of service features available.
Product Benefits
  • Reasonable pricing with a simple yearly fee.
  • Access to ALL models and features, not divided by packs or brands.
  • Regular and stable updates.
Basic Facts
  • Flagship product with over 20 years of history.
  • Over 50 service features available.
  • Champion of "First in the World" updates with over 500 updates released.
  • Support for over 14,000 models of top brands.
  • Clients in many countries worldwide.
  • Multilingual and multi-channel 24/7 support, instructions, and video guides.
  • Support for hundreds of brands, including Huawei, Honor, Samsung, Moto, Alcatel, Vivo, Tecno, and many more.
  • Support for Qualcomm, MediaTek, HiSilicon, TI, Unisoc, and more.
HiSilicon Features
Devices based on HiSilicon Kirin 710 / Kirin 710F / Kirin 710A / Kirin 810 / Kirin 820 / Kirin 970 / Kirin 980 / Kirin 985 / Kirin 990 / Kirin 990E / Kirin 990 5G processors:
Direct Unlock
  • SOFTWARE TESTPOINT (servicing phones without disassembling)
  • Remove Huawei ID
  • Read OEM INFO
  • Board (factory) flash files flashing
  • Write original files
  • Write OEM INFO
  • Load Fastboot / Backdoor open
  • Backup/Restore Huawei IMEI and Network Lock
  • Repair "Chip is damaged"
  • Huawei ID remove support for Huawei P40/P40 Pro/ Mate 30 Pro series
  • "Backup chip data..." feature
  • SOFTWARE TESTPOINT (service without disassembling)
  • Direct network unlock
  • Remove Huawei ID
  • Get full device info
  • Write Battery serial number
  • Repair and Change Vendor / Country / Model
  • Read / Write OEM INFO
  • Rescue mode entering
  • Load Fastboot / Backdoor open
  • Write original Huawei board (factory) flash files in *.xml or Sigma format
Write Flash
  • Write original FullOtaUpdate / SD_Update files
  • Enable Downgrade / Change firmware
  • Flash in Upgrade or Fastboot mode
Use Huawei secure data (certificate) and Chip Data files made by other Sigma smart cards
  • Huawei certificate files are intended for working with IMEI codes of Huawei phones.
  • Restore your phone's IMEI.
  • Share your Huawei certificate files / Use shared Huawei certificate files.
  • Copy the IMEI of Phone 1 and restore it to Phone 2 (in case phone 1 is damaged).
  • Replace an old active mobile with the new one saving IMEI number.
  • Backup and restore original IMEI(s) and network lock state.
Use certificates/Chip Data from phones based on other platforms
Platforms with compatible certificates: Kirin 710 / 710A / 810 / 820 / 980 / 985 / 990 / 990 5G
Read firmware from HiSilicon device
  • Save the firmware from devices with rare version/localization.
  • Read firmware from one phone and write it to the other one.
  • Users may share the firmware.
Direct unlock (Manufacture mode *#*#2846579#*#*)
  • No root required
  • Remove SIM LOCK
  • Huawei Bootloader Password Reading
Repair IMEI (Manufacture mode *#*#2846579#*#*)
  • No root required (old security versions)
Provider (vendor/country) repair
Remove Factory Reset Protection (FRP):
  • Reset FRP for new Huawei smartphones.
Remove Huawei ID
  • Remove Huawei ID lock for new Huawei smartphones.
  • You can check your model on the manufacturer's website.
MTK Features
Remove FRP for the large group of Samsung devices
  • Popular models supported, including 2022 models.
  • A/E/F/G/J/N/M/P/S/T/X series supported.
  • Android 7-12 supported, no testpoint is required.
  • Latest security versions.
Bypass boot authorization
  • Allows you to disable security and service devices with any security configuration.
  • Allows to service numerous latest MTK devices.
  • The solution is based on bootrom Security Bypass Exploits. The following CPUs are supported:
  • MT6572, MT6580, MT6582, MT6735, MT6737, MT6739, MT6755, MT6757, MT6761, MT6763, MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6785, MT6799, MT6873, MT8127, MT8163, MT8173, MT8695.
Repair IMEI for VIVO MTK devices
  • Support for the latest devices of V, X, Z series and more.
REMOVE Huawei ID for MTK devices
  • Full and correct Huawei ID removal.
  • "Huawei ID"-based phone services remain working after the operation.
  • "Huawei ID"-lock will not return after reflashing.
  • Full support for MTK Devices with eMMC and UFS flash chips.
  • Backup and Restore NV - Calibrations.
Unlock, Remove FRP and other features using SPFT method
  • Motorola, Alcatel, Huawei, and all other MTK devices.
  • Non-secure MTK smartphones are supported.
  • Ability to perform Remove FRP operation for unknown MTK smartphones using own Download agent.
Unlock Code Calculation by IMEI:
  • Supported models: Alcatel / Motorola / Orange / TCL / Vodafone / T-Mobile / TMN / ZTE.
  • Internet connection is not required for code calculation.
  • Standalone solution, doesn't require server codes or credits.
  • No limit for the number of codes calculated per day.
  • Flash files are stored in *.skf format.
  • Read phone's firmware version.
  • COM port speed – up to 921600 bps
  • Read & Restore backup
  • Upgrade firmware (restore a backup from one phone and write it to the other)
  • Upgrade and downgrade firmware version
  • Huge flash files archive
  • Correct firmware upgrade for Alcatel models (works with CUST PARA area)
  • Smart (fast) write mode
  • Simple write mode
  • Works with NAND and NOR flash chip type
  • Repair IMEI, including models with more than one SIM.
  • Repair Software IMEI (phones with IMEI located in a file system).
  • Repair Hardware IMEI (phones with IMEI located in OTP area flash chip).
  • Repair IMEI for Huawei models with new security type.
  • Repair Blank IMEI
Repair Security Area
  • Repair Security Area for Alcatel cell phones (flashing method).
  • Diagnostics and Security Area Repair for Huawei cell phones (models with new security type).
Work with Phone's File System
  • Works with FFS through boot mode (allows to export information from the phone's FFS zone even if the handset is dead, but the file system of the set is not damaged).
  • Works with network calibrations (backup and restore).
  • Works with phone's flex (backup and restore).
  • Phone book backup.
  • Format file system.
Qualcomm Features
Remove FRP for the large group of Samsung devices
  • Popular models supported including 2022 models.
  • A/E/F/G/J/N/M/P/S/T/X series supported.
  • Android 7-12 supported, no testpoint required.
  • Latest security versions.
Qcom AUTODETECT feature
  • Ability to select different loaders for phones with the same IDs.
  • Biggest loaders database for almost all popular brands on the market: Oppo, Blu, Vivo, Xiaomi, Asus, Lenovo, ZTE, Wiko, Nokia, Hisense, and more.
  • No need to download the loaders manually.
  • Sigma detects the loader that fits your phone, downloads it from the database, and sends it to the phone automatically.
  • One-click solution for phones connected in EDL mode.
  • Potentially, you can add service support for 1000 or more phone models.
Direct unlock
  • Acer, Alcatel, ZTE, Huawei, Sony, Moto smartphones, phones, and tablets are supported.
  • Unlock via USB cable.
  • Heuristic method which allows the user to unlock the device even if it has an unknown firmware version.
  • Reset the counter of code entry attempts.
  • Support for smartphones with Android and Firefox OS.
  • Support for Qualcomm Hexagon smartphones.
  • Locked bootloader.
  • Huawei smartphones with a locked bootloader.
  • Read / Reset botloader Unlock Password.
  • Relock Bootloader without any traces left in the firmware.
Repair security area
  • Alcatel smartphones:
  • Repair corrupted security data files.

  • Huawei smartphones:
  • Repair security area
  • Enable firmware downgrading
  • Sony Android smartphones
Read all types of codes
  • Alcatel, Motorola, Huawei smartphones:
  • NCK (Network Control Key) code
  • NSCK (Network Subset Control Key) code
  • SPCK (Service Provider Control Key) code
  • CCK (Corporate Control Key) code
  • PCK (Personalization Control Key) code
  • ZTE smartphones:
  • NCK code (Old and New Security)
  • Repair corrupted security data file
  • Show the number of wrong code entering attempts.
Repair IMEI
  • Motorola smartphones

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