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Soldering & Desoldering

Features:AiXun T320 precision soldering station is the first smart soldering tool that combines the features of integration, intelligent and network in the worldwide. It supports T210 and T245 handles with high compatibility, convenient for use; 100-240V AC supply wide range voltage input, universal..
Features:AiXun iHeater Pro desoldering station is newly upgraded with four full angle buckles which is conductive to fix the deformed motherboard. It supports overall series modules from IPhone X to 14 ProMax, and the 14 series will launch soon... It also supp..
Features: AiXun C245 nano soldering iron tip is an accessory for soldering station. It can be applied to various scenes, such as glue removing, solder pad cleaning, wire jump soldering, soldering in tiny space, tin planting, pin revise, tin bridge revise, etc. The multi layer alloy electro..
Features:AiXun C115 soldering iron tip is specially suitable for nano precision electronics soldering rework. It adopts high temp overshoot prevention and low temp soldering technology, which ensures high efficiency during soldering. Its resistance to 30000 times high temper..
FEATURES:• T420D  supports T245, T210 and T115 three handles. 2 cradles with 2 channels work together.• Compatible with JBC tips, 100% matching with the temp rising rate and temp control accuracy.• 400W peak power, quick heating to 380℃ in 2 seconds.• AC pure isolation, anti interference a..
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