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Features:AiXun T320 precision soldering station is the first smart soldering tool that combines the features of integration, intelligent and network in the worldwide. It supports T210 and T245 handles with high compatibility, convenient for use; 100-240V AC supply wide range voltage input, universal..
Features:AiXun iHeater Pro desoldering station is newly upgraded with four full angle buckles which is conductive to fix the deformed motherboard. It supports overall series modules from IPhone X to 14 ProMax, and the 14 series will launch soon... It also supp..
Features: AiXun C245 nano soldering iron tip is an accessory for soldering station. It can be applied to various scenes, such as glue removing, solder pad cleaning, wire jump soldering, soldering in tiny space, tin planting, pin revise, tin bridge revise, etc. The multi layer alloy electro..
Features:AiXun C115 soldering iron tip is specially suitable for nano precision electronics soldering rework. It adopts high temp overshoot prevention and low temp soldering technology, which ensures high efficiency during soldering. Its resistance to 30000 times high temper..
FEATURES:• T420D  supports T245, T210 and T115 three handles. 2 cradles with 2 channels work together.• Compatible with JBC tips, 100% matching with the temp rising rate and temp control accuracy.• 400W peak power, quick heating to 380℃ in 2 seconds.• AC pure isolation, anti interference a..
1.Hot air and hot iron 2 in1 rework soldering station  2.Extremely low noise and space saving design  3.Dual LCD digital displays to show Precise temperature  4.Ideal for safe demolition solder QFP, PLCC, SOP, BGA and other chips and components which are temperature-sensitive 5.In..
1. This soldering station can use T115/T210 Handle and C210/C115 heating core , which can be lifted and used immediately. 2. software program control, instant hang-up. 3. Powerful function, with three sets of preset memory temperature, C/F conversion, temperature calibration, temperature locking..
Product features: 1. four groups of standby temperatures (0,150,180,200) are preset, that is, "0" is turned off, so as to realize lifting and using.2. software program control, instant hang-up. 3. Powerful function, with three sets of preset memory temperature, C/F conversion, temperature calibr..
SUGON T21 Soldering Rework Station (210/245/115)Power: 120W Input voltage: AC 110 - 220V Frequency: 50/60Hz Temperature range: 100 ℃ - 450 ℃/212 ° F-842 ° F1. Precision integrated welding station, innovative T210/T245 wire control handle, on which temperature control can be directly adjusted. 2..
Mini20WQuick Charge NanoElectric lronReady to plug and use, applicable toall 115 series iron tips in the marketone piece for the preciseelectronic maintenance..
FNIRSI Soldering Iron Kit, DC/PD(96W/65W) Mini Portable Soldering Iron, 180-780℉ Fast Heating, 6 Soldering Tips, Digital OLED Screen Display, Auto Sleep(NO Power Adapter)【Updated Soldering Iron】FNIRSI HS-01 Electric Soldering Iron uses DC and PD dual power input, power up to 96W(DC), PD power input ..
Features:XZZ L2023 intelligent desoldering station, no damage to the motherboard, accurate temperature controlWhen the preset temperature is reached, the beeping alarm will be turned on to prevent overheating damage to the motherboardLarge operating area, good compatibility, support for larger mothe..
UYUE 305 Portable Digital Display Soldering Station With T210 Iron Tip For PCB CPU Mortherboard precision instrument welding MIni welder UYUE-T210 Features: compact size, easy to carry, rapid temperature rise, rapid temperature return, automatic sleep, adjustable temperature. Match T210 series sold..
Feature:1.Using microcomputer processor PID programmable temperature control technology.2.Preheating station is to use a glaze layer having a high thermal effect, good thermal shock resistance of the ceramic as the substrate, high-quality nickel branded alloy wire once sintering.It has a high therma..
Features1.Three storage sections:CH1/CH2/CH3, each storage segment can store all the features of the current machine (eg:temperature, iron sleep time,which is currently on display all&n..
Product specificationsNameDouble station welding stationModelT12RDimensions145*115*54mminput voltage110V/220VOutput Power200WOutput Temperature200-480 degree centigradeModel NumberT12R Smart soldering stationDimension2.4-inch colour displayTemperature Stabilityadjustable temperatureWelding Tipsangle..
TBK R2201 Laptop BGA Rework Station Machine for Chip Circuit BoardProduct DescriptionTBK-R2201 intelligent thermal imager laser welding machine advantages    Thermal imaging and high-definition diagnostic function-Automatic detection of positive and negative pole thermal imaging ..
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