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Specifications:   ModelEDP High-Refresh Screen Expansion AdaptorProduct NameEDP High-Refresh Screen Expansion AdaptorBrandJCIDMatch withV1S Pro, MV01 Features:JCID EDP High-Refresh Screen Expansion Adaptor is the industry's first testing solution that brings tangible touch techno..
MIPitertes-MINI BOX➕UFS4N1➕EMMC13N1MiPiTester MINI update UFS HS-G2B support UFS4.0 REFCLK 38.4 52Mhz Support Emmc 8bit HS200 120MB/s Support UFS PWM-G123 Support UFS HS-G2A HS-G2B 150MB/s Support EMMC 1bit  ISP 5-15MB/sUFS HS-G2A ISP 80-120MB/sPackage contentMIPitertes-MINI..
JCID Q1 iPhone Battery Health Quick Repair Board No FPC Required
Hot 2-3 Days
JCID 11-15PM Battery Health Quick Repair Board-Q1 Function:1. JC Q1 battery health quick repair board with OLED display screen modify the set battery health data and cycle times without requiring battery FPC cables, available for iPhone 11-15 Pro Max.2. No battery FPC is needed, quickly modify the s..
Features:Support the battery pop-up function of all models of iPhone 11 to 15 series mobile phones, eliminating the need to purchase battery cables for various models.The single machine can modify the system pop-up window, set the battery efficiency and cycle times, and avoid the cumbersome setting ..
JCID UFS Programmer U15 Box For BGA153 BGA254 BGA297 UFS2.X 3.X 4.X NAND Chip Identify Read And Write. UFS Programmer U15 with USB3.0 high-speed transmission, and smart power supply adapts to UFS2.X 3.X 4.X Nands automatically.Features:1. UFS 3 in 1 rear write socket for 153 254 297.2. 180M/S readin..
Features: AiXun iWatch S-Dock restoring test stand is specially designed for the repair of white apple, exclamation mark, restart, fixed screen, bad touch and other faults. It's an adapter restor tool for Apple Watch S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6. The built-in strong magnetic adsorption magnet can fac..
CH431A USB programmer 24 EEPROM BIOS LCD Writer 25 SPI Flash..
What`s new:HardwareNew ergonomic designMore powerful hardware base that can be easily enhancedFaster interaction with PC (USB 3.0)Wide range of voltage regulationIntroduced ISP method for UFS flash memory without desolderingIdentification of external expansion boards (UFS, eMMC sockets, PIN-CONNECTO..
JCID 13Pro/14Pro Series Screen True Tone Repair Adapter
2-3 Days
JCID 13Pro/14Pro Series Screen True Tone Repair Adapter Will be Released Soon! JCID V1SE/V1SPro Screen True Tone Repair Board Fixes iPhone 13Pro/13 Pro Max/14Pro/14 Pro Max True Tone Function With/Without Original Screen...
Features:1.1602 I2C 1602 replaced the screen to control it more convenient,2.New RFID module and RFID keychain and white card,3. Added DS1302 clock module,4. New of the sound detection module,5.New temperature and humidity module,6. New water level detection module,7. Added 4 * 4 keypad module8. New..
Description:With 40-pin industrial high-quality ZIF Socket (Pluggable/replaceable), newest model T48 (TL866-3G) programmer is the improvement of TL866II Plus programmer. Based on 32-bit MCU with 120MHZ and 4-layer PCB design, this professional T48 programmer support high-capacity NAND EMMC up to&nbs..
Features : Voltage meter range: 0.00-9.99-99.9V Current meter range:0-1.00A or 9.99AInternal resistance of the voltmeter:400KΩInternal resistance of the ammeter:0.0065ΩWorking voltage: DC5-28V Measurement accuracy: 0.4% *3Operating temperatur e : -10℃~60℃ Working current: &l..
Features:Bluetooth Connection to JCID drawing softwareMeasure voltage, resistance, diode, short circuitConnect to Multimeter pen for manual measurementConnect to flex cable for automatic measurementA built-in rechargeable battery allows for repeated useAllow for Contrast and Analysis between the mea..
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