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MIPitertes-MINI BOX➕UFS4N1➕EMMC13N1MiPiTester MINI update UFS HS-G2B support UFS4.0 REFCLK 38.4 52Mhz Support Emmc 8bit HS200 120MB/s Support UFS PWM-G123 Support UFS HS-G2A HS-G2B 150MB/s Support EMMC 1bit  ISP 5-15MB/sUFS HS-G2A ISP 80-120MB/sPackage contentMIPitertes-MINI..
GSM CP-01 Motherboard Middle Layer Planting Tin Platform for iPhone X to 15Pro MaxFeatures:SGM CP-01 Motherboard Middle Layer BGA Reballing Stencil Platform Jig Fixture is a professional BGA Reballing Stencil Fixture for iPhone X/XR/Xs/Xs Max/11/11 Pro/11Pro Max/12/12 Mini/12 Pro/12Pro Max/13/13 Min..
Hydra Dongle is one of the most advanced platforms for mobile unlocking and repairing.Hydra Dongle - Modules:Main Module (Samsung, LG and Motorola)MTK ModuleQualcomm ModuleSpreadtrum ModuleHydra Dongle - Main Features:Flash*Backup/Read Firmware*RepairIMEI*Security Tools (FRP Reset, Network Unlock, R..
First in the World RootFeatures:The root method is new and exclusive and never happened beforeThe root is official and doesn't need anything like flashing custom recoveries or ZIP filesThe root is clean and works in the device without touching partitions like: data, system, cache...The root rebuilds..
MAGICO KEY Charging Port Detection BoardFunctions:1.Support all models of iPhone and Android2.Testing tail plug cable and charging circuit without disassemble3.Testing the resistance value about the tail plug cable and charging circuit4.Testing the charging current and voltage5.The key test poi..
GSM-SOURCES C210 Solder Iron Tip Universal For Soldering T210 Soldering Station GSM-SOURCES C210-018 / C210-002 / C210-020..
Sigma Plus Box allows you to service the latest HiSilicon, MTK, Qualcomm, Unisoc, and TI OMAP phones.This is an all-in-one solution that requires annual payment. Once you bought it, you receive full access to the complete list of supported models and features, not divided into separate packs o..
Pandora box is a powerful tool allowing you to work with many phones and tablets based on MTK chipsets.Developed by Z3X Team.Advantages:Developed according to the latest demandSoftware part is optimized for HD monitorsPowerful hardware and high-quality cablesBox-device connection at maximum possible..
ZXW V3.0 Online Account (1-Year Active)Note: Account send by email, And each ZXW online account can be tied with 15 computers, but it ONLY CAN BE USED ON ONE COMPUTER at the same time.In order to view iPhone/iPad/other cell phone schematic diagram more quickly and convenient, ZXWTEAM is committed to..
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