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Features:1. 3 times the torque (manual torque: 3N.m; electric torque: 0.45-0.5Nm) 2. Increase the speed (idling speed: 300 r/min) 3. Locked-rotor protection (0.2S of locked-rotor will stop the power supply to the motor, mainly to protect the motor. Prevent the motor from overheating and burn out t..
Features:1. Independent LED button control lighting 2. Type-C USB cable, equipped with charging protection 3. 350mAh large capacity,works continuously for 3 hours 4. Motor upgrade optimization- Noise reduction; Greater torque, more stable work...
FEATURES:1. Highly transparent outer box, good visibility.2. Flip cover design, eight magnets adsorption, the bit is placed in the card slot, easy to pick and place.3. The magnetic adsorption of the batch head makes it easy to disassemble and assemble.4. Comes with a knob switch to prevent the wrong..
FEATURESJCID face ID repair method, face ID flex cablePerfectly compatible with the latest iOS systemSuitable for dot projector repair of iPhone X/ XR/ XS/ XSMax/ 11/ 11Pro/ 11ProMax/ 12/ 12Pro/ 12mini/ 12ProMax/ 13/ 13Mini/ 13Pro/ 13ProMax/ iPad Pro 3(11)/iPad Pro 3(12.9)/ iPad Pro 4(11)/ iPad Pro ..
 FEATURESApplicable to iPhone X/ XR/ XS/ XS Max/ 11/ 11P/ 11PM/ 12/ 12mini/ 12P/ 12PMSupport data reading and writing by connecting with JCID V1S/ V1SE/ V1S Pro programmerNo need to remove or install prism, no need to align and soldering, help beginners repair face ID with ease..
 FEATURESRead screen info, battery info and fingerprint serial number automaticallyRepair Truetone with/without the original screenRead and write Logic/baseband chip, dot projector data, 12 series screen dataDetect receiver FPCTouch/Brightness/Vibration repairRead, write and repair battery data..
JCID JC V1S Pro Multifunction Programmer for iPhone Android Mobile Phone Repair Tools Compatible with V1SE & PRO1000S Modules   JCID JC V1S Pro The Strongest Multifunctional Programmer > Leading nand flash technology: “Zero” fault on the read & write and code checking, swi..
Support iPad/iPhone/iTouch device one-click into purple screen mode underlying data backup, modify, unbind wifl, data cloud backup..
MiPi Tester EMMC UFS Box* High Speed Programming * Built in high speed processor to achieve high programming speed. * Support UFS/UMCP and eMMC/eMCP programming * UFS part (v2.0/v2.1/v3.0/v3.1/4.0) * Support Descriptors, Attributes, FlagsSetting* Support LUN configured and advance setting* eMMC part..
FUNCTION:For iPhone Motherboardheating layered module,design only heats the center column and does not hurt other ICs.Support motherboard layering, tin planting, bonding, edge glue removal.SUPPORT MODEL:X-XS-XS MaxX-11Pro Max11-11Pro-11Pro Max13mini-13Pro12mini-12Pro Max 13-13Pro Max..
Feature:1. Applicable for Macbook machine with T2 chip from 2018 to 20202. Read or backup T2 data, modify serial number of T2 chip machine3. It is used to judge whether the data problem of T2 chip ROM causes the failure of not starting up Applicable modelApplicable model :1. for Macbook Pro 13.3 15...
1.BY-006S is a power cord mainly used for Microsoft Surface tablet series2.Support Surface tablet single board to check the current when it is turned on,which can quickly determine the fault point of the motherboard3.Support two or three devices to output at the same time4.Display the reaHtme aceess..
1. BY-3200S is a MacBook logic board boot power cable, used for 2008-2022 MacBook2. BY-3200S further improves and adds practical functions on the basis of BY-32003. The digital display increases the current of the motherboard in working state (When the output terminal is connected to ..
FUNCTION 1.BY-3200 is a MacBook logic board boot power cable, suitable for 2008-2021 MacBook.2.Support all series of MacBook single logic board to boot into the system(to solve the problem that the BATLOW# signal is low without the battery installed,causing the MacBook to not boot).3.Support T2..
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