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Magico Serial Cable for iPhoneMagico Serial Cable for iPhone, use with iPhone lightning cable to be engineering cable function, Enter the purple screen can be read and write NAND data. Support for iPhone 7-X. Work with MAC OS10.13Package includes:1 x Magico Serial Cable for iPhone..
DCSD Serial Port Engineering Cable for iPad 2 / 3 / iPhone 4 / 4S- UsedDCSD Serial Port Engineering Cable for iPad 2 / 3 / iPhone 4 / 4S- UsedPackage includes:1 x DCSD Cable..
Type-C V2 EDL USB Cable for Hydra DongleTested Some Models:Xiaomi Mi 9Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5GXiaomi Mi 10Xiaomi Mi 10 TXiaomi Mi 10 T ProXiaomi Mi 10 SXiaomi Mi 11 Pro 5GXiaomi Mi 11 Ultra 5GXiaomi Mi 12Xiaomi Mi A4Xiaomi Mi A4 XLXiaomi Mi MIXXiaomi Mi MIX4Xiaomi Mi CC9 ProXiaomi Mi CC10Xiaomi Mi CC10 Pr..
Harmony TP V2.0 Cable Entering Huawei USB COM 1.0 for Harmony OS or Chimera Pro Tool DongleFeatures:Factory/Boot ROM mode (For Huawei USB COM)Service functions are now available on For HUAWEI phones with Harmony OSHere are some of our most used factory/Boot ROM mode functions:FRP and For HUAWEI ID R..
 MAGICO Restore -Easy Cable:                Automatically Restore iPhone/iPad! Connect & Done! Simple, Instant, & Effective!1. Enter "Restore" mode automatically: No pressing buttons! No replacing cables! One Restore-Easy, complete solution! Simple & fast! Foolproof & Zero-failure!2. Support iPhone/..
GSM Multi-Functional boot all in one cable Feature:The Best multi-functional boot cable Micro USB RJ45 All in One Multifunction Boot CableSupport MTK/SPD bootSupport LG 56k Download modeSupport LG 130k Download modeSupport Samsung 300k Download modeSupport RJ45 Converter FOR UARTSupport LG 910K Down..
 GSM Multi-Functional boot all in one cable Feature:The Best multi-functional boot cable Micro USB RJ45 All in One Multifunction Boot CableSupport MTK/SPD bootSupport LG 56k Download modeSupport LG 130k Download modeSupport Samsung 300k Download modeSupport RJ45 Converter FOR UARTSupport LG 910K Dow..
Optimus Cable for Octopus / Octoplus Box Optimus cable with resistance switch for Octopus/Octoplus Box has been developed for LG P500, P970, P990, P999 and further models flash, unlock and service.This cable has built-in resistance switch (0K/56K/130K/910K) that allows you to perform all service ope..
MBC Multi Boot Cable for Z3X / Octoplus / Octopus / USTMBC Multi Boot Cable for Z3X/Octopus/Octoplus/UST boxes is a universal cable with a resistance switch for servicing LG and Samsung mobile phones. MBC cable works as a Download Mode Clip for Galaxy S phones. Multi Boot cable allows you to unlock/..
MJ 9302 Power Line Mainboard Repair Power Cable For iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S / 6 / 6 Plus / 6S / 6S Plus / 7 / 7 PlusAdjust the power meter the output voltage of 4.5V-5V before useConnect the power meter and find the corresponding motherboard type battery pin on the seat of the power cordBuckle the mother..
Octoplus FRP Dongle 2 In 1 Cable USB Unlock Cable Uart Cable, need use with Octoplus FRP Dongle, Click here to buy the Octoplus FRP Dongle..
IPhone 8 8P X Switch ON OFF Power Supply Cable Battery ConnectoriPhone 8 8P X USB Power Supply Cable Adapter, iphone 8 Plus X USB to Battery Connector Buckle Cable, iphone 8 X switch ON OFF Power supply cable is used for connecting USB Power supply to the motherboard battey header directly, this USB..
IPhone 8 8P X Power Cable Adapter iPhone 8 8P X USB Power Cable Adapter, iphone 8 X Battery Connector Buckle Cable, it is used for connecting USB Power supply to the motherboard battey header directly. using this USB Power Cable will provide the same function as using an on-board USB port on the mot..
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