Miracle GSM Cocktail Dongle with Activated Packs 1 and 2

Miracle GSM Cocktail Dongle is a multifunctional tool for LG, HTC, Android andBlackBerry phones' unlocking, flashing and software repair.

Miracle GSM Cocktail Dongle - Outstanding Features:

  • HTC Android Tool:
    • S-OFF
    • Root
    • Update and Recover
    • Perform Flash, Dump, Erase
    • Install Applications
  • BlackBerry Tool:
    • Update ROM
    • Flash
    • Install Applications
    • Calculate MEPs
  • HTC Brew Tool:
    • Get device information in Normal Mode via USB cable
    • Get ROM file information
    • Repair CID in ROM file and run automatic NBH flasher
  • LG Basic Tool:
    • Unlock Network
    • Repair IMEI
    • Repair Bluetooth
    • Reset device to factory defaults

Miracle GSM Cocktail Dongle - Supported Models *:

Miracle GSM Cocktail - Support for HTC

  • Desire CDMA, BravoC, PB99400, Incredible 2, VivoW, Droid Incredible 2, ADR6350, ThunderBolt, Mecha, ADR6400, Droid Thunderbolt, Incredible HD, Scorpion, PG05100, Desire, Bravo, A8181, PB99200, Desire HD, Spade, Ace, PD98100, A9191, Desire S, S510e, Saga, PG88100, Glacier, myTouch HD, PD15100, Hero, G2 Touch, A6262, HERO100, Incredible, Droid Incredible, S710d, PG32100, Incredible S, Vivo, PG32130, Intruder, Aria, Liberty, Gratia, PB92200, Google Nexus One, Passion, Dragon, PB99110, Sensation, Pyramid, Z710e, PG58130, Desire Z, USA G2, Vision, A7272, PC10110, Sensation XE, Pyramid LE, Z715e, PG5813001, Evo 3D, ShooterU, X515, G17, PG86300, Sensation XL, Runnymede, X315, PI39200, Google Nexus One, Google Nexus S, A3232, A3333, A510e, A6262, A6363, A7272, A8181, A9191, Ace, ADR6350, ADR6400, Aria, Bahamas, Bravo, BravoC, Buzz, C510e, ChaCha, CLIC100, Click, Desire, Desire CDMA, Desire HD, Desire S, Desire Z, Dragon, DREA100, Dream, Dream 100, Droid Incredible 2, Droid Thunderbolt, EndeavorU, Espresso, Evo 3D, G17, Glacier, Gratia, Hero, HERO100, Icon, Incredible, Incredible 2, Incredible HD, Incredible S, Intruder, Legend, Liberty, Magic, Marvel, Mecha, One X, Passion, PB65100, PB76100, PB92200, PB99110, PB99200, PB99400, PC10110, PC49100, PD15100, PD98100, PG05100, PG32110, PG32130, PG58130, PG5813001, PG76100, PG86300, PG88100, PH06110, PH11110, PI39200, PJ46100, Pyramid, Pyramid LE, Runnymede, S510e, S710d, S710E, S720e, Saga, Salsa, SAPP100, Sapphire, Scorpion, Sensation, Sensation XE, Sensation XL, ShooterU, Spade, Status, Supreme, Tattoo, ThunderBolt, Vision, Vivo, VivoW, Weike, Wildfire, Wildfire S, X315, X515, Z710e, Z715e, Rome10000, Smart

Miracle GSM Cocktail - Support for Samsung

  • Crespro, GT-i9023, Soju

Miracle GSM Cocktail - Support for T-Mobile

  • G1, G2 Touch, myTouch 3G, myTouch 3G Slide, myTouch HD, USA G2

Miracle GSM Cocktail - Support for BlackBerry

  • 7100i, 7100x, 7130, 7200, 7250, 7510, 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130, 8220, 8230, 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8520, 8530, 8700, 8707, 8820, 8830, 8900, 9000, 9100, 9300, 9360, 9380, 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550, 9630, 9650, 9670, 9700, 9780, 9790, 9800, 9810, 9850, 9860, 9900, 9930

Miracle GSM Cocktail - Support for LG

  • A7150, B2000, B2050, B2060, B2070, B2100, B2150, C1100, C1150, C1200, C1400, C2200, C3100, C3300, C3310, C3320, C3380, C3400, C3600, F2100, F2300, F2400, F2410, F3000, F7100, G1600, G1610, G3000, G5300, G5300i, G5400, G5600, G7100, G7120, GB100, GB101, GB102, GB105, GB106, GB125, GB126, KE600, KE770, KE800, KE850, KE850A, KE970, KE970GO, KG110, KG115, KG118, KG119, KG130, KG210, KG220, KG221, KG225, KG228, KG240, KG245, KG270, KG271, KG275, KG276, KG278, KG280, KG285, KG288, KG289, KG296, KG320, KG320s, KG328, KG370, KG375, KG800, KG90, KP100, KP105, KP105A, KP105B, KP106, KP106A, KP106B, KP107A, KP108, KP110, KP130, KP200, KP202, KP202i, KP233, KP235, L3100, L343i, M6100, MG100, MG101, MG105, MG160A, MG160B, MG161, MG280, MG320, MG370, MG610, MG800, MG808, P7200, S5000, S5100, S5200, TG800, W3000, W5300, W7100

GSM Cocktail Pack 1 Activation enables unlocking of HTCmobile phones.

GSM Cocktail Pack 1 Activation is an addition that enhances functionality ofMiracle GSM Cocktail Dongle. GSM Cocktail Pack 1 Activation enables unlocking of HTC mobile phones.

GSM Cocktail Pack 1 Activation - Support for HTC

  • Read Network Unlock codes (standalone) for the following HTC mobile phones:
    • Wildfire, A3333, A3335, A6277, A6288, A6365, A6366, Aria, AT&T Aria, Bahamas, Bravo, Buzz, CLIC1000, Click, Desire, Espresso, Gratia, Hero, HERO100, HERO130, HERO200, Intruder, Legend, Liberty, Magic, My Touch 3G, MyTouch 3G Slide, MyTouch2, PB6510000, PB7610000, PB9920000, PC4910000, SAPP100, Sapphire, Tattoo

GSM Cocktail Pack 2 Activation enables unlocking ofBlackBerry mobile phones.

GSM Cocktail Pack 2 Activation is an addition that enhances functionality ofMiracle GSM Cocktail Dongle. GSM Cocktail Pack 2 Activation enables unlocking of BlackBerry mobile phones.

Unlock MEP 0 (zero counter) just in one click.

GSM Cocktail Pack 2 Activation - Support for BlackBerry

  • Unlock MEP 0 (Blocked MEP Counter) for the following models:
    • 9900, 8520, 9860, 8910, 9105, 9500, 9550, 9670, 9800, 9930 (more models coming soon)
  • Ability to fix auto power on
  • Ability to change MCT configuration
  • Ability to change keyboard layout to QWERTY and QWERTZ
  • Ability to fix battery calibration
  • Ability to bypass calibration mode
  • Backup operations from important partitions (EFS,NV,FS,OS...)
  • Restore operations from image files
  • Ability to repair EFS parameters like: IMEI, MEID, ESN, CRC...
  • Ability to reset SPC
  • Fix redblink in force mode
  • Easy rebranding with operator logos
  • Automatic LCD parameter reset
  • Ability to erase important partitions (EFS,NV,OS,FS,...)

Miracle GSM Cocktail Dongle - Package Content:

  • Miracle GSM Cocktail Dongle with Activated Packs 1 and 2 - 1 pc.

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Miracle GSM Cocktail Dongle with Activated Packs 1 and 2

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