7in1 phone hard disk test fixture test frame support 4G / 4S / 5

7in1 phone hard disk test fixture test frame support 4G / 4S / 5


  • Model: 7in1 phone hard disk test fixtur
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 7 IN 1 Phone hard disk test fixture test frame support 4 g / 4 s / 5 g / 5 c / 5 s / 6 g/p series hard disk testing tools,


IP 7 in1 phone  hard disk testing tools



Instrument support IP series machines include: 4 g / 4 s / 5 g / 5 c / 5 s / 6 g/p

With six different models of the chassis can be arbitrary combination, replacement buckle seat can be used on the hard disk after work


Use the steps:
1: need to repair the hard disk model of motherboard and tail strip line, put the motherboard in corresponding to the model 7 and 1 hard disk fixture after chassis fixture seat buckle on the hard drive.
2: in 7 and 1 on your hard disk test fixture, to test whether the normal hard disk.
3: the cable is connected to the motherboard, and then to the main board button batteries on flash power supply (need to be on the button on the main board LCD real-time view).
4: even the machine to a computer system to run apple after the flash platform.
5: in the process of test, the hard disk normal flash can complete system,
Note that:
1: IP phone motherboard hard disk location of the tin point cannot too low (does not recommend the use of tin absorption type tool of the tin on the solder point drag flat), avoid poor contact between fixture seat motherboard and hard disk.
2: you can't use with rosin or flux tools contact hard disk fixture seat probes, seven in 1 hard disk to avoid this kind of tool of fixture seat probe resilient rate reduce the saddle and caused bad motherboard hard touch point contact.
3: the saddle note can't overexert when cleaning or maintenance of the probe can't use after damage.



















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