R sim9 Gold R-SIM 9 GOLD for IOS7.1 4S/5G/5C/5S

R sim9 Gold R-SIM 9 GOLD for IOS7.1 4S/5G/5C/5S


  • Model: R sim9 Gold R-SIM 9 GOLD for IOS
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R-SIM 9 GOLD (GOLD version) 
At present in the market, It’s the most stable unlock card that iPhone 5 c / 5 s can be general in 7.1 7. X with IC solution, R - SIM brand and Sales Volume determine the market orientation, R - SIM set multiple technical strength,The first team crack iPhone 4s unlock, the first team crack 4 s / 5/5 c / 5 s general unlock, the first team crack i5 Sprint unlock, and the first team successfully crack iOS7.1 system unlock. R - SIM9 GOLD Born to iOS: 7.1-7 X system, it is R - SIM9 PRO upgrade version, It’s more simple and convenient that brand new packaging design for volume and use,reduce the transport volume and weight, saving the purchasing cost  for foreign customers. R - SIM9 pro, one of the largest card series in the market, counterfeit rampantly, its quality seriously affect the brand, caused severe damage to the customers,the R - SIM9 GOLD has better security identification mark,and customers can be more easier to distinguish between fake and real items(Purchase R-SIM9 GOLD identify key points: 
1. Scraping the anti-counterfeiting code on the package label and verify to www.r-sim.me  
2. All real R-SIM9GOLD will have a free gift of a Rpatch activation code, The one without the activation code is fake, this code can be activated all 3 g / 4 g SIM card abroad,
3.Mention the latest trademark packaging R - SIM, The shape is RGKNSE logo design, the packaging has RGKNSE and graphics trademark signs,it’s  infringement if fake) please refuse fake, support for real, abide by the intellectual property right.

How to use Rpatch for R-SIM Mini2 3G/4G SIM Card?

Relative market existing iOS7.1 unlock card, we have improved the following functions:
1. R - sim9 GOLD support iOS 7.1-7 X, launched iOS7.1 unlock card first in the world, big brand and strength witness
2. R - sim9 GOLD with professional activation iOS7.1-7. X Rpatch, and Rpatch professionally associated with R - SIM9GOLD to unlock 3 g / 4 g sim card that the global operators launched (Buy one get one free,All real R-SIM9GOLD will have a free gift of a Rpatch activation code)
3. Our iC power consumption is the lowest power consumption, which is out of reach for other card! 
4. We have the R - SIM9 PRO quality and customer credit recognition, proof of the sales, the stability of the program conquered customers, R - SIM9 GOLD is on the basis of R9PRO and update the program.
5. R - SIM9 GOLD owns new packaging design, iconic patent,what’s more,it’s  cheap, useful and practical!
6. Relative market same price card, R - SIM9 GOLD have professional after-sales service and brand support, perfect operating instructions, the professional product guide web site, www.rsim5.com, R - SIM9 GOLD, you deserve!

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